Friday, August 28, 2009

"i died"

i have three (3) charcoal sketches due tomorrow. Started at 6 during class, I just finished. it's currently 2:18 AM. deathhhh
35 hours of work + 15 hours of cofc + intern on sundays= a complete haze.
there hasn't been alcohol in my system since sunday. what? missing so many people right now.

Anyway, a few things i am excited about:
1. the mountain goats, decemberists, and band of horses tickets purchased!
2. alex/alex/tillye move out!!!
3. The Brisbones + Co in Columbia Saturday! long overdue for a miniroadtrip with the boys. excited to see & hang out with columbia people especially deborahhh my loveee
4. Crowfield in columbia also on saturday @ the White Mule. I told tyler he was going to see Co even if i have to drag him off the stage by his beard. it's true
5. my vintage shop, ansonborough square, via etsy.
8. i'm excited for kris. =)
9. moving in with ms dolan in january! lease is signed! hellooo cannon st.

yesterday, tyler heard "leslie ann levine" by the decemeberists for the first time. He doesn't know who the mountain goats are. now i have to make him a mix cd. How do you expand the music of the lead singer of a band like Crowfield? ugh. any tips?