Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10th, 2008

I've been too busy to write.
Halloween was last weekend on Columbus St. I was running around all day for an outfit for Eloise, only to have a total of 5 people know who I was. I was pretty accurate in appearance, minus the brown hair.
I go to Columbus St. a lot, and this was without a doubt the biggest party I've been to in a while. Everyone covered bands- Nirvana, Godspeed..but my favorite was some girls covering Le Tigre. Stephanie and I were singing and dancing our hearts out.
My favorite costume? Drew Warren as "Deaf Lepoard"

On Election Day Javs and I went to a houseshow at 255. It was good, people were really drunk, and it was bands I had seen before. But I got to hang out with the guy who I saw opening for Paul Baribeau last November. Can't remember his name. But I did meet a really cool artist named Kaitlyn, whos lives in New York and was selling her artwork at the house. We all drank a lot of really good champagne and watched Obama's acceptance speech on a TV we had to keep on hitting to work.

Wednesday was Japanther. Total success. I was really afraid about how everything was going to turn out, seeing as it was a Wednesday night, but they made a lot of money and a lot of people showed up. Kris and I got to hang out with Ian and everyone, they're pretty cool- except the guitarist of Japanther, can't remember his name 'cause he didn't talk to anyone at all. Whatev. The show was amazing, everyone danced and was pushed around, Kris and I were holding on to eachother for our lives and got a little beat up, but it was worth it. Of course I pulled Kris on stage and got everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to her...and then they covered The Cure "Boys Don't Cry" as a birthday present. Fantastic.

I've been working a lot so I attempted to take it easy this weekend. Friday I didn't do anything, but Saturday Eliza and I went out to the Upper Deck with Javier and Rob. Really strange night, but halarious. Got a couple of "are you Madison Miller? I think we're friends on myspace..." and "Are you Christie's sister?" but between all the whiskey, mint flavor liquor which i forget the name of, and PBRs Eliza and I just ignored everything and ran around making friends with the thugs downstairs. Haven't been that intoxicated in a long, long time...and don't want to be for a while. I had to work the next morning, and I started shaking and felt terrible, I don't know how I didn't throw up.

I went out last night for a little to the Black Cart, hung out with Kymie, Kirby, Sarah, Robby, Rob, & Margaret. Got drunk for free, DJ'd on the laptop, danced and sang to Peaches, stumbled over to AC's to take pictures in the bathroom and do Sweet Tea Vodka shots, two ways? I don't remember.

I felt sick this morning, so I'm out of class. Truth is I have a lot to catch up on- including my college essays, and too much to do to go to school. So I'm writing in this? Oh well.

There's a show at 255 tonight. I doubt I'll go. Nora's birthday is this weekend, which will be fun, and Kris and I are going to Hilton Head to see Conor Oberst. I'm not sure why he's going to Hilton Head. One of Johnnie's friends called me and asked me to book them a houseshow in Charleston this weekend, so on Sunday they'll be coming to Tay's (255 Ashley). Should be interesting.

Currently working on:
1) Vitamins & natural health & healing
2) College everything over with
3)Fixing my guitars


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008 (Tuesday)

I came across old livejournal yesterday only to realize how I desperately needed a new one. I've left that part of my life behind and I want to keep future memories separate & untarnished. Seriously, it was so depressing and ridiculous (go read it yourself- i can't get over it.

this is for the new things to remember, a normal life and new friends. you're only eighteen once, afterall.

So today was my second day at Whole Foods. It was fine minus the people I had to train with.
Something important I was reminded today:
1. As bad as i think things are, they can always get worse
2. Wear a condom.
3. Gross old men will always be gross old men, even in a "professional" environment

It's nice to start a new job and start over. I also am starting my internship this week with a local designer (Sarah Acker). She's worked under Alexander Wang and Anna Sui, being 2nd head designers for both. She's only 25 and she moved back to Charleston to open her own line and store. I'm helping her from the beginning, so hopefully it means a lot of good things to come.

My whole life has completely changed within the last 11 months. Socially, mentally, physically, financially. My life "plan" that I've always had kind of mapped out in my head is shot to hell. I now only have the glorious options of staying in state, or going out of state and being in debt for 20 years after i get out of school. I am terrified of never leaving charleston, and getting sucked further and further into it. Apart of me wishes I didn't have all the friends I do, because when you don't like your home like i used to, it's easy to get out and not look back. It would have been good for me.

I know deep down i will get out sooner or later. I was supposed to go to New York City this weekend and honestly not going make me mentally and physically sick. I live here, but in my heart I consider it my home. it sounds cheesy, but I literally ache for it when I'm away. I love charleston, but it's not the same.

This weekend is a big weekend. We've got a huge halloween party. I'm going to just be Eloise again i think, i don't really have money to spend on a costume. A few days after that is Japanther. So nerve-wrecking, I can't even talk about it.

I'm exhausted. School tomorrow, work, then meeting up with Brian so we can talk about the Japanther show on C of C radio. Make sure to listen out!