Monday, April 13, 2009

for he has risen

i started this blog NOT for my cynical rantings (which happens to inhibit most of it anyway), but to record my current life, so i can read them when i'm old. so bare with me, i'm going to re-capture the last few days:

Last Sunday was Brunch at AC's. I originally went to see my sister, but of course she was leaving as I was arriving. her friends were there though, celebrating adam's birthday. it was a nice mix of people i never see, and of people i see all the time.
Lots of van gogh shots were bought and recieved, and i really have no idea how I stayed out there for so long. I realized eventually that I had to get out of there around 8, so i went to see some friends at d'allessandro's for a change of scenery. eventually went home- but don't remember doing so...(which is neither cool or typical of me.)

I tried to justify myself at AC's all day sunday for the fact that spring break started monday and i didn't have to work either. I layed around all day and let the sun and fresh air soak up my grossness from the day before.

at some last week, ent to Juanita's with amanda & erin, april & eliza came and we drank probably 5 pitchers before leaving and stumbling to ac's. ended up hanging out with tyler, javier, and lucas too which was nice. oh and i fell in love that night...not really

thursday i attempted to meet jesse at ac's so we could "talk", but i got off work so late and ac's was packed so talking about anything remotely important just wasn't going to happen. so instead, we drank, and talked about twilight/edward cullen/the decemberists/nothing important. saw and hung out with some friends for a while but became over the whole thing quickly, and left.

didn't do much except work until this weekend, when I went with Co + Jenna + Maggie to the Blue Roots Music Festival in this little town called Fountain Inn, SC outside of Greenville. I drove up with maggie, & am so glad i did. The weather was awesome, but i was totally unprepared/stupid and wore a dress with no tights.
Highlights of the trip:
drinking whiskey in the walmart parking lot while waiting for kelly
me & matt's 2 dollar mini bottles
seeing brian walk around in a snuggie, even if only for a few minutes (seriously, this made the whole trip worth it)
this aboslutely ridiculously scary man-made "out-house" with jenna
Co. & how amazing they were with the sound reflecting through the trees & the between the hills
maggie and i's cracker and nutella snacks
no humidity!!!!!!!!!!

brian and i woke up at 5:45 and never went back to sleep, & decided to drive back at 7, we had to make a side trip to spartanburg and drop off a friend of kelly & brian's.
I don't know if it was the sleeping in the car, or the combination of whiskey, wine, and beer, or living off of luna bars, fruit leather, and crackers for 48 hours but i felt absolutely terrible the next morning. never have i ever had such a bad hangover. the drive back was rough at first, but i got some coffee and ate a really big apple & some gingerale and i was set. but i would not have made it if maggie hadn't of been there. girl was a lifesaver.
On easter, i came home at 11 or so, put on my swimsuit, passed out in the sun until 5. woke up, showered, attempted to eat easter dinner but didn't succeed, and fell back asleep at 7ish. i think i was awake for a total of 3 hours while iwas home, but i was exhausted from a lot of fun.

Today was not exciting, tomorrow will be sad. i am tired, more for that then.

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