Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh comely, i will be with you when you lose your breath

i am infinitely tired and i feel like i never sleep anymore. this blog is only proof of it.

the last few days have been a desperate attempt to find a phone and get schoolwork finished before spring break starts, all the while working 40 hours a week and interning on the weekends. i'm finally getting a new phone tomorrow, supposedly though.

so was this weekend. i didn't have school friday, so the drinking started thursday night. I met up with Alice, my friend who goes to Brown who is from charleston & visiting for spring break, and we went to AC's and met up with alex & april, & some friends of alice's from RISD. drank, worried, & used up all of our disposable cameras & claiming them the "new polaroid", became too exhausted after singing & dancing our hearts out to "tiny dancer". literally parked a car, opened the doors, jumped out, and danced in the middle of the street at a stoplight on the corner of st. philip & thomas...
all in all, i had fun, but i'm glad everyone is alive (ahem, those who drink at juanita's for 8 hours previous to going to AC's)

friday i recovered, and so did everyone else it seemed like. Saturday i ended up hanging out at columbus street for a while, which was really fun because it wasn't a bunch of strangers, it was just alex b., jenna, jm, nora, preston, christen, philip, lindsey, tillye, will, matt, warren javs, tyler & me drinking a lot of shitty beer and eating whatever goodness lindsey created for us. we played music and rolled cigarettes. i was there for almost 5 hours before i almost passed out on preston's shoulder, and decided it was time to go home.

now i am doing a lot of school work before spring break on friday, which my brain and body desperately need. i need to catch up on sleep. i can't wait to go to the beach.

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