Friday, March 27, 2009

& I won't try to fight in the weekends

let's re-cap from last weekend, shall we?

friday was a constant struggle to get everything in order for Austin Crane/ Co/ The Mountain Yellers/ Here We Go, Boys! at Tay's House on Friday. not having a cell phone makes life 80 times harder. I felt so bad because austin kept trying to get ahold of me and there was nothing i could do.
eventually, i Met up with Austin before the show at Tay's, hung out there for a little while. Left to go to Dave's new house downtown, which is pretty adorable, whined with Dave about how stupid people are and our drug dealing neighbors, ect. Got a call from Brian who said Austin was about to start, so i left and made it there just in time. Austin was awesome, but it was a quiet acoustic set and there were these fuckers there that were burping when he was playing...seriously guys?

Walked out before the set ended to smoke and almost died from the amount of people I saw. Little did i know that later, there would probably be around 200 people there. If this was a venue, I would totally be down for that, because that's a lot of money for the bands. But the thing is, 70% of the people there just came to party, didn't donate, and didn't give a fuck that someone was being very hospitable and opening their place to us to hear music. All these kids ended up coming and it was just awkward. but the music was good nonetheless.

On a good note, Co played so well. I want to say I couldn't believe it, but yes I can. It was a full band, but they were unplugged and played acoustic. Brian played banjo and it was perfect. Jenna and TJ played, by themselves, and they both did so well I'm so proud of them.

I ended up having an awkward hour long conversation after Co ended, getting kind of upset and fed up with all the random people there/ not being able to breathe, so i went to meet alex and amanda at AC's. had this huge wooden plank fall onto my head... took way too many shots in order to erase the night. it didn't work.

that night made me sick of everything really fast. so fast that i've been hardcore looking into moving to portland for the summer. so we'll see.

true and i are going to prom. Hello Dress?

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  1. CO. was incredible! Very true. We all made gas money at the end of the night, and there were some truly awesome kids out at the show...but yeah, lots of booger punks just there to slam malt liquor and out-dirty each other. So it goes. Thanks for coming, though. Hope you can stick around longer next time!

    -Drew, Here We Go, Boys!