Thursday, March 12, 2009

dear mr. adams,

I expected more from you.

So tonight alex and I went to see ryan adams at the performing arts center. My sister originally bought the tickets, but she ended up not being able to go at the last minute, so alex took her spot. Her friends parker & robbie had the other two tickets next to us.
the show was good, but different than what i expected. it was shorter than last time, unpersonal, and he went right into his popular songs. last was the complete opposite.
but i don't think it's really his fault. I mean, the crowd sucked. you know how theres always that one drunk bitch? well, there were two. standing up the whole time, directly in front of us. I threw some pennys at them. and this poor old-ish guy who was definately the most awkward dancer i've ever seen. parker and i kept on trying to mimic his moves, but we just couldn't.
Could have been better, definately could have been worse.

Yesterday (Tuesday) night was really fun. I went to 255 and saw Paul Baribeau's cover band of Bruce Springsteen. Tay's is always a good time, but nothing really compares screaming Dancing in the Dark/Born to Run while downing a couple of Blue Moons with your bffs. Definetly a night for the books, its one of my favorites in Charleston so far. and i've had so many good ones, too.

This weekend will be exciting. KTO's friday, columbus street saturday...i'm just hoping it's not swarmed with those damned kids that it has been lately...
Columbus st used to be a get away, a really low-key party, shit we just did when we were bored. we wanted to throw a party, have a show, we did it there because it was convient. everyone lived down the street, on the street, or across the street. now it's this "thing". i don't really get it. it's no longer endearing, and i'm afraid it's losing it's charm.

don't they know, they're spoiling it? and it's not cute.
hopefully i'm mistaken.i'm pretty sure i'm not. i guess we'll see.

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