Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mais les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le cœur.

je lis "le petit prince". pour l'instant, c'est mon livre préféré.

i'm currently on spring break, but i don't feel like it. i've been working a lot in order to pay off that prom dress, but for the next three days i'm taking a much needed "mental health" break.

the last few nights were fun. been pretty good at staying away from AC's which i've been trying to do. I've been hanging out with my sister a lot and doing fun little things like cooking and watching gossip girl and twilight and being stupid with our crackberries and running errands.

i did go out last night, however. i went to kaitlyn's house and hung out with her, kymi, alex borgen, nick, and some others, waiting on javier to come back over with tyler but he never did so i went to columbus. brought over my blue moon that corner store now carries because i asked them to (no, seriously. i can't believe they did it either) and hung out with brian/alex/jenna/allen & jack daniels. brian and jenna were about to pass out so alex and i dropped allen off at home and met up with alex, lindsey & tillye at allison & rj's which was good because i hadn't even been to their house yet and i live across the street from them. i had a major headache all night, but decided to stay out until 4AM anyway.

oh, and the bridge run traffic was almost the death of me today. seriously.

i've been kind of not feeling the social circle lately. tonight christie and i watched twilight and got indian food.

i plan to lay in the sun for the next 72 hours. what do you think about that?

oh, and:
Currently Political Ranting: Take 2
New York Times majorly pissed me off today. Yes, mark sanford doesn't want to take or be apart of the bailout. do you know that he wanted to take the money and use it towards South Carolina's massive DEBT that we have, but OBAMA SAID NO. Dear Obama, W-T-F. Using this money is going to worsen our economy and devalue the dollar since we're off of the gold standard and the dollar is now only technically backed by value ideas and paper.
Here's something the New York Times DIDN'T tell you:
So, basically, Obama really wants to force Sanford to take the bailout money (even though he can't use it towards the state debt). However, it's COMPLETELY unconstitutional & even he knows better. So he's using this big front page article of the New York Times to give Sanford a bunch of shit and scare him into taking the bailout money since he can't force him himself.
yayy, we have a big bully for a president.
we have such a cool governor, guys. even if you don't agree with his policies i hope you can appreciate the fact that he's one of the few people left that's actually a true conservative and wants the government to remain as small as possible.


  1. Paying off a debt to China is only going to make China stronger. It's better if we use the money to stimulate our economy. It's the same socialist principle that fueled FDR's New Deal program.

  2. /agree with Dr. Mulligan

    socialism saved us once, and hopefully it can do it again.

    The wheels of justice must turn slowly, as to not roll over the innocent. Give him a year or two before you hate him. i'm not sure yet myself.

  3. Both of you should read "New Deal or Raw Deal" by Folsom. it may go against everything we're taught in school, but FDR's New Deal of the 30's isn't what got us out of the Great Depression, it was World War II.

    i think this all comes back to fundamentals and having different ones. i don't believe government will ever save us.